Sokrates-Design GmbH

“It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them!”

[Steven Jobs, BusinessWeek, May 25, 1998]


In times of galloping globalization, rapidly advancing climate change, political correctness and changing values in an ever faster changing world, successful companies are increasingly dealing with ethical and moral issues and social aspects regarding their economic activity.
As a company operating in Europe and Asia, we too follow clearly defined values – not only towards our customers.

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    Sokrates Design GmbH and its partners have lived these values for over twenty years.
    Trust, reliability, commitment, open communication, tolerance and fairness are essential components of our business philosophy and are reflected in our day to day interactions.
    With this in mind, we regularly visit our local production facilities – gladly accompanied by our customers. In our opinion, this creates trust and transparency for a successful business relationship! To us, this is the key to long-term partnerships.

The Company

Sokrates Design GmbH was founded in 1996 with the purpose of producing high-quality leather goods for the “luxury goods industry”.

Since then, individually planned, and top-quality collections for corporations in the automotive industry, industrial companies and the merchandising business have shaped our company’s core business.

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    For over two decades we have seen ourselves as manufacturers, partners and service providers of internationally known brands and companies and have cooperated with various production partners in Europe and Asia on a trusting basis. Today, this network allows us to respond particularly well to your specific wishes and requirements in the development and production of your leather goods.
    We take on the procurement of components such as metal fittings for handbags and luggage, logos, materials such as fabrics or replacement leather and technical accessories such as cell phone or iPad cases using our extensive experience and knowledge. These actions are part of our holistic service concept.

    From the beginning on, László Horváth – owner of the company – has been personally responsible for the development, design, technical aspects, and worldwide implementation of our projects right up to the development of series production on site.
    As the owner of the company and a “master craftsman”, with almost 40 years of professional experience, he is a “veteran” of the leather goods industry and still, to this day, sees himself personally responsible to oversee every step of the way – from the project development up until the series production.

Design Planning Implementation

Sokrates Design GmbH and its cooperation partners are made up of people who are situated on site as well as abroad. Due to their multiple decades of experience, these people are experts in the field of leather finishing and leather processing.

Expert advice, concept development, finding ideas and solutions, technical implementation and development of our customer’s design, precisely defined quality standards as well as production support on site of your individually planned collections, are our core competencies. This we have been demonstrating for over two decades.

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    Your corporate identity and design are just as important to us as the practical implementation of your projects. We see our many years of experience in the development of leather products and the selection of suitable, high-quality materials as the central component of our consultation.

    Companies from various industries have trusted us for over two decades.
    Whether you are a luxury brand, a client from the automotive sector or a B2B partner, we always work hand in hand with you as a TEAM in a competent and strategical way, to implement joint projects.


When it comes to customer projects, Sokrates Design GmbH focuses on customer-specific design and the technically precise development of high-quality products with a focus on small leather goods and tech cases for cell phones and iPad devices.

In addition to this, over the years our product portfolio has been complemented by the production of particularly high-quality business bags and luggage.

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    Calf and cattle hides, North American bison leather, buffalo leather and moose leather are regularly used for production in Italian tanneries. In cooperation with designers and product managers from the automotive, stationery, fashion and luxury goods industries, this creates individually developed product lines for branded goods that impress with their uniqueness and the highest standards regarding quality.
    Based on your customer requests, our creative minds and specialists in fine handicrafts plan and implement holistic, new collections and well-thought-out product solutions for specialist and internet retailers. These premium products are manufactured in the factories belonging to our cooperation partners in other European countries.
    The craftsmanship in all production facilities ranges from the processing of exclusive leather qualities to the use of technical products such as Kevlar, canvas or faux leather specially developed for the industry – always at the highest level of craftsmanship.



Our customers particularly appreciate the innovative, reliable, and personal nature of our work throughout the ongoing process up to the marketability of their original ideas.
It is very important to our company to develop your product together with us – as a TEAM – according to your individual design specifications.

Using our extensive know-how, we advise you, not only on the selection of suitable materials, but also develop logos for you in a wide variety of materials, perfectly tailored to your corporate design.

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    Individualized metal fittings, technical items such as cell phone trays, but also customer-specific packaging concepts are part of our holistic approach. Per request, we offer to deliver your packaged, labeled, and ready-to-sell goods to the responsible logistics center you trust, with us in the form of a partner and full supplier.

    Everything from a single source – in cooperation with long-term partners.


Sustainability in economic, ecological and social terms is the essential guideline for our actions. When treating people and the environment with respect, our planet and its available resources are handled responsibly. For us, the compliance with, for example, REACH regulations as a condition for our customers, is self-evident and part of our over all product.

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    Can sustainability be seriously implemented in a consumer society in which “stinginess is cool”? …… ..and the reason why sustainable management is part of our corporate goal today.

    There are reoccurring situations, in which the actions of companies collide with social values or ecological concerns. Today, the need for real, transformative sustainability is more acute than ever. This is not just the case because ecological and social problem areas are becoming more threatening every day: The pressure towards companies to act is rapidly increasing directly and from several sides at once. Customers and their consumers expect comprehensible, sustainability and transparent processes. But within these demands, are they willing to pay a fair and reasonable price for higher quality materials and their purchased premium product? This raises the legitimate question of how manufacturers and companies alike can contribute effectively to achieving these ambitious goals. The question also comes up whether it is possible to prevent climate change, plastic waste in the oceans and species extinction as a long term goal, without the support of the customer through their own foresight and financial participation in the eco-efficient product. In our opinion the answer is a clear NO.

    Sustainability pays off

    To strive for the transformation towards sustainability in order to secure the option for our own company to grow in a relatively “new” market, should be our common goal in the future. Expand your portfolio with high-quality eco-efficient products and broaden our service concepts with your responsible actions.
    Incidentally, as a company, you contribute to strengthening your brand. Upgrading your product range, reducing avoidable risks and new business models with sustainability aspects are ultimately the results of joint efforts and can undoubtedly prove to be attractive sales and profit drivers today – this though does not primarily determine the goal.
    The big winner? A customer open to progress and sustainability while having the foresight and the desire to act in an exemplary manner throughout their purchase.